Skills & Training Academy

· Skills & Training Academy is a basketball skills and drills clinic with a goal of enhancing student-athletes knowledge of the game of basketball. The Skills & Training Academy allows for our students to get one-on-one training in basketball and a question and answer discussion with professional athletes about the importance of education. Furthermore it gives them a positive outlet to channel their energy rather than on the streets and in violent activities.

Books and Basketball Summer Institute

· Books and Basketball Summer Institute is a program that provides students educational resources through the summer months when formal schooling isn’t available. The first part of the program allow students to engage in various exercises for math, reading, writing, and comprehension so that when they return for school in the fall they are more than prepared to attack their academic studies. The second part of the program provides the students with basketball instruction and skill enhancement.

College Prep

· College Prep is a program that assists our students throughout their academic year by providing them with resources to prepare for college entry. We will provide assistance in SAT preparation, selecting the right major, and information on how to finance that student’s college education. We will also provide platforms for students to get sports scholarships by having them participate in basketball tournaments across the country. This will not only keep the students engaged but also provide them access to opportunities that were once not available to them.